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ArtisCave Members welcome to the chance to exchange ideas with talented filmmakers all over the world. We value an atmosphere where frequent casual interaction can lead to new innovation in their own work in the empty classroom, and work spaces. Scroll down to see the details.


Discover the membership options of office rental.

Built to match your team needs.

Billboard Pattern 2_sq.png
Billboard Pattern 2_sq.png

Amenities & Services for Filmmaker Membership

  • Business Address Registration 

  • Mail Service

  • Open Lounge

  • Wifi/ Hi-speed Wired Internet

  • Roasted Coffee

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Recording Booth

  • Cinema Studio & Equipment Rental Service

  • In-house Production Services

  • Event Invitation


Discover the benefit of affordable rental for student camera package.

Billboard Pattern 1_sq-01.png
Billboard Pattern 1_sq-01.png

Camera Packages includes

  • Red Raptor VV/ Production camera, or Arri Alexa SXT Production Camera 

  • Tripod/ Accs / IRNDs

  • Wireless Video Village System including monitors

  • A camera cart

  • two VV sensor covered zoom lenses(28-85mm, 80-250mm 2.8)

  • Dolly Package available to rent additionally

  • This Price only available when you are working on a student project, or less than 30,000$ budget movies as a member.

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