ArtistCave in-house production team is leaded by Minu Park (A.k.a Caveman), a New York director and cinematographer, who has made 9 feature films, 24 short films and has produced more than 100 video contents including TVCs, branded contents, music videos and fashion videos. In 2019, Minu Park extended his production team to Seoul, South Korea.


Moon Light (2019)

- La Music Video Awards(2019) Official selection

- Music Video Short Film Festival(2019) Official selection

- Rhode Island International Film Festival

So Far No Luck (2019)

- La Music Video Awards(2019) Nomination 

- Music Video Short Film Festival Official Selection

- Coney Island Film Festival

- Orlando Film Festival

- New York International Films Infest festival

Roses Are Blind (2019)

- Orlando Film Festival

- Chautauqua International Film Festival CIFF

- Silver state Film Festival

- International New York Film Festival

- Marina Del Rey Film Festival

- Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival

-Chautauqua International Film Festival 2019

Roses Are Blind (2019)

- Paris International Short Film Festival 2021

- Cairo Indie Short Film Festival 2021

- San Francisco Indie Short Film Festival 2021

- Berlin Shorts Award 2021

- Venice Short Film Awards

- Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival

- Williamsburg Independent Film Festival

- Santa Monica International Film Festival

- New Filmmakers NY 2020

- Share to Share Film Festival 2019

- Golden State Film Festival 2020

- Long Beach International Film Festival 2020

- Montreal Short Film Awards 2020

- Vienna Short Film Festival 2021

- Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival 2020

- Silicon Beach Film Festival 2019

- Hollywood International Golden Age Festival

- London Short Festival of 24 Frames

Giver and Lover (2019)

- Utah Film Festival

- Global Film Festival Awards

- Transparent Film Festival (Best Picture)

- Royal Wolf Film Awards: Nominee for Best Short

- Pinnacle Film Awards: Nominee for Best Short

- Lovesick Film Festival

- Grove Film Festival

- MCNY Annual Short Film Festival

- The Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival

- Bioscope Global Film Festival

- New Hope Film Festival

- Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards

- Indie Short Fest

Perception (2017)

- KAFFNY(Korean American Film Festival New York) Official Selection

Yolk (2017)

- Pre Screening on BAM Theater.

- Werner Herzog’s positive review.

Escape (2016)

- Cinemoi Fashion Film Festival Best Actor Nomination

- Cinemoi Fashion Film Festival Official selection

- SFFF Best Picture Nomination for considering winning.

- Short Film Loosendal Official Selection

- STIFF Best Picture Semi Finalist

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